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My Roof Restoration in West Wyalong provide professional roof restoration, painting, cleaning and repairs to protect and enhance your home – for the Perfect Finish.

Nutech Professional Roof Restoration System

My Roof Restoration are the Central West’s leading Approved Nutech Paint Installer (Australia’s largest and oldest roof coating specialist). We exclusively use the Nutech Professional Roof Restoration System designed to withstand the tough Australian environment. In addition, Nutech Paint’s leading roof paint technologies offer a range of heat reflective, self-cleaning, environmentally friendly and weatherproof solutions to withstand the tough Australian conditions.

Roof Restoration Steps

1. Planning, Inspecting & Reporting
  • Initially site checks, risk assessments, health and safety requirements and work scheduling is planned and undertaken.
  • After that, the roof structure and condition is checked to report where appropriate on roof repairs and/or maintenance that may be required.
2. Roof Repairs

Before painting can begin repairs are made when required to ensure your roof is weatherproof. Therefore, this provides ongoing protection for your home. For instance, typical repairs include screwing down metal roofs, replacing cracked/damaged tiles. Similarly, we check gulleys, gutters, ridgelines, flashing or works around fixed installations etc.

3. High Pressure Roof Cleaning

After ensuring the roof is watertight, we use industrial strength high pressure washers to clean the surface of your roof. In other words, we remove loose materials, moss and debris to ensure a stable surface for paint to be applied.

4. Preparation
  • Metal roofs are treated with rust inhibitor. 
  • Tile and concrete roofs are treated to remove moss, lichen, mould and algae.
  • For metal roofs we ensure the roof is properly screwed down and ‘tightened’ to ensure the roof performs well and looks great after painting.
  • For tile roofs we check all tiles and re-point the mortar on the ridgeline with MaxiPoint, guaranteed to resist normal occurring roof movements for 10 years without cracking or breaking away. Ensure your newly painted roof lasts longer.
5. Priming

Depending on the type of roof you have, its age and condition, we use a range of Nutech Primers to seal and weatherproof. 

Primers have high adhesive qualities and penetrate into the surface of your roof. In addition, primers treat loose, porous and/or powdery surfaces. Primers are fast drying and provides a strong, stable surface. Similarly, this promotes inter-coat adhesion, the durability and therefore life expectancy of your newly painted roof. 

We use a range of Nutech Primers as part of the Nutech Professional Roof Restoration System – Elite Terracotta PrimeSupaPrimeGP PrimerMaster SealerMetal PrimerAsbestos Sealer, and NuPrime.

6. Roof Painting

All the hard work done up until this stage now comes into own. Painting is actually one of the hardest parts of the process. We have tens of thousands of hours of roof painting experience. Spray painting is an artform, one which we love! 

Spray too fast/slowly or with the wrong equipment and the paint will be applied too thinly or thickly. This results in poor bonding, premature breakdown and low durability of the paint performance. 

Knowing the right time of day, weather, temperature, roof conditions and method of painting a roof plays a huge role. This ensures correct paint application to meet manufacture guidelines. This ensures more durable protection and maximises the life expectancy of your roof. 

We use a range of Nutech Roof Coatings as part of the Nutech Professional Roof Restoration System – NXT Cool ZoneNXT AquaguardTileflexFlexi Shield and Nu Flex

7. Clean Up

Finally, our team will ensure your home and garden are left perfectly clean and tidy as we pack-up and remove all our equipment from your home.

8. Feedback
Tom and the team are partial to a cup of tea or a beer (Friday’s) at the end of a job. We love to hear your feedback and any thoughts you may have on how we can provide you and our other customers the very best service.
9. Reviews & Referrals
We’re a busy business and we like to think we’re good at what we do. We really hope you’ll take a few minutes at the end of the job to write a review for us on Google and/or Facebook and let your friends or family know about it. 

Unique Nutech Paint Roof Coating Technologies

Nutech Paint are global leaders in roof coating technology. 

Our top selling paint is NXT Cool Zone comes in a full range of fade-resistant colours, 100% waterproof, environmentally friendly, Heat reflective technology using a a revolutionary advanced formula. 

NXT Cool Zone’s revolutionary thermal protection technology reflects the suns heat, keeping your home 6-10 degrees cooler compared with conventional roof paint. Save energy, our environment and revitalise your roof. DOWNLOAD NXT Coolzone Brochure (PDF – 97MB)

Roof Restoration Colours

The colour of your roof can dramatically effect the overall appearance of your home, add to its value, and even contribute to its energy efficiency. 

Tom and our team have years of experience choosing roof colours and can recommend a range of contemporary and classic colours. 

In the NXT Cool Zone Colour Range alone there are 46 standard colours. We are even able to colour match your new roof to look to blend with existing colour schemes of your home. 

You can visit Nutech Paint’s blog for tips on choosing the right roof colour with NXT Cool Zone. You can also visit our Residential roof restoration gallery for ideas.


An 8 year, 10 year or 12 Year Guarantee is provided on all our roof painting. Roof paint is professionally applied by us to manufacturer guidelines as part of the Nutech Professional Roof Restoration System.  The length of the Guarantee is dependent on the Nutech Professional Roof Restoration System applied.

Roof Restoration Guarantee

The Perfect Finish - Guaranteed

In conclusion, for a Perfect Finish roof restoration on all types of concrete or terracotta tile, metal or Colorbond roofs talk to My Roof Restoration today about your roof restoration in West Wyalong.

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